The department has the following laboratories:

  1. Structural Engineering Laboratory
  2. Strength of Materials Laboratory
  3. Concrete Laboratory
  4. Structural Dynamics Laboratory
  5. Fluid Mechanics/Hydraulics Laboratory
  6. Hydro-Meteorological Observatory/Laboratory
  7. Geotechnical Laboratory-I
  8. Geotechnical Laboratory-II
  9. Transportation Engg. Laboratory -Materials
  10. Transportation Engg. Laboratory-Traffic
  11. Public Health Engineering Laboratory
  12. CADD Laboratory
  13. Surveying Laboratory
  14. Geology Laboratory
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Major Equipments Available in the Department:

  1. UTM Automatic with Computer Interface
  2. Large Sized Tilting Flume with Electronic Instrumentation
  3. Digital Water Level Recorders with Automatic Data Storage and Retrieval Facility for Use in Flumes, Channels etc.
  4. Digital Remote Siltmeter for Measurement of Sediment Concentration
  5. Total Stations
  6. Wind Tunnel
  7. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  8. Working Model of Pelton,Francis and Kaplan Turbines
  9. Hydraulic Benches with Various Experimental Setups
  10. Consolidation Apparatus
  11. Direct Shear Apparatus
  12. Triaxial Test Apparatus
  13. Drilling Ring
  14. 200 Tonnes Compression Testing Machines
  15. 40 Tonnes Loading Frame
  16. Core Cutting Machine
  17. Petrological Microscope
  18. Marshall Stability Apparatus
  19. Bitumen Ductility Apparatus
  20. Field Van shear up to 25m Depth
  21. Equipment for all Routine Tests of Soils, Highway Materials, Building Materials, Water Sewage and the Like
  22. Electric Resistivity of Soil
  23. Protective Filter Experimental Setup
  24. Hydro Meteorological Automatic Data Aquisition System
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Major Softwares Available in the Department:

  4. SAP
  6. ILWIS