The department is currently headed by Prof (Dr.) Shagoofta Rasool Shah

    Sr No Faculty member Designation Qualification Research Area Email
    1 Dr. A.R. Dar Professor Ph.D, 1.Earthquake Resistant Design 2.Design of Steel and prestressed Bridges 3.Earthquake Resistance
    2 Dr. M. A. Lone Professor Ph.D 1.Hydraulic Structures.
    2.Surface Water Hydrology.
    3.Water Resources Engineering.
    2 Prof (Dr.) Shagoofta Rasool Shah Professor & Head PhD IIT Roorkee , MTech IIT Delhi Water Resources & Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic structures, Irritation Engg., water soil plant and atmospheric relationship, and Hydropower.
    3 Dr. J. A. Bhat Professor Ph.D 1.Earthquake Engineering
    2.Multistory Buildings
    3.Civil Engineering Materials
    4 Dr. Ab. Qayoom Dar Professor Ph.D 1.Hydraulic Structures
    5 Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Ahangar Professor Ph.D 1.Hydrology Modelling
    2.Sediment Transport
    6 Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Tantray Professor Ph.D Fibre Reinforced Concrete
    7 Dr. Mohammad Shafi Mir Professor Ph.D 1.Travel Demand Modelling
    2.Land Use Transport Planning
    3.Transport Safety
    8 Er. Fayaz Ahmad Mir Associate Professor M.Tech 1.Soil Characterization
    2.Pavement Materials
    4.Rock Mechanics
    9 Dr. J. M. Banday Associate Professor Ph.D 1.Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures
    2.FEM and its application to Different Type of Structures
    3.Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Structures
    11 Dr. Javeed Ahmad Naqash Associate Professor Ph.D 1.Seismic Microzonation 2.Concrete Structures
    12 Er. Danish Ahmad Associate Professor M.E 1. Environmental Engineering 2. Water Quality 3. Treatment Plants 4. Solid Wastes 5. Solar Water Purifiers
    13 Dr. M. Y. Shah Associate Professor Ph.D 1.Foundation Engineering
    2.Soil Reinforcement
    3.Ground Improvement
    4.Slope Stabilit
    14 Er. A.A. Masoodi Associate Professor M.Tech Concrete Types and Their Characteristics
    15 Dr. B. A. Mir Associate Professor Ph.D 1.Ground Improvement
    2.Critical State Soil Mechanics
    3.Landfill Engineering and Reinforced
    16 Er. R. R. Mir Associate Professor M.Tech 1.Environmental Engineering
    2. Water Body Studies
    17 Dr. Kaiser Bukhari Associate Professor Ph.D 1. Environment and Geoinformatics
    2. Rock Mechanics
    3. Underground Structures
    4.Engineering Seismology