Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 1963 for five years undergraduate programme (B.E.) in Chemical Engineering with a total intake of 25. The duration was changed to four years in 1981. Currently it offers instructions leading to 4 years B.Tech. degree in Chemical Engineering with a total intake of 77. The M.Tech. course was introduced in 2014 with a total intake of 18. The Ph.D. programme was already running in the Department. The academic programme has been designed in such a manner that a wide range of courses i.e. fundamental sciences, complex mathematical sciences, social sciences and engineering aspects of physical, chemical and biochemical sciences have been incorporated in the syllabus. The students are rigorously trained and evaluated on a continuous basis in order to compete as leaders in whichever fields they choose to pursue. The Departmental laboratories are well equipped in order to compliment the theoretical course work.